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TAMMUZ INTERNATIONAL launched MLC SSD ‘GK500’ made in Korea


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 Storage specialized manufacture Tammuz International recently launched MLC NAND Flash model GK500 from GK300 line-up which been attracted by Korean customers





 Tammuz GK500 made by MLC NAND Flash line-up from GK300 2.5” model. Therefore, reached higher performance and durability.



 Tammuz GKM330 realized faster data process speed as Seq. Read speed up to 550MB/s Write speed up to 500MB/s by AS2258 Controller from ASOLID. Also made faster speed & durability, electricity efficiency possible by applied many functions as SLC Caching, ECC, GC, TRIM, Wear-leveling, ONFI etc. Additionally, set 3D NAND Flash and Aluminum housing which is favorable to reduce device's heat issue.



 Tammuz International notify to enlarge customer’s width of selection by various line-up storage device.

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