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Tammuz International launched M2 SSD 'GKM330' Made in Korea


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TAMMUZ INTERNATIONAL launched M.2 SSD ‘GKM330’ made in Korea


 Storage specialized manufacture Tammuz International recently launched GKM330 from GK300 line-up which been attracted by Korean customers.



 Tammuz GKM330 made by selected components & PCB designed by Tammuz. Therefore available to make high-quality device and also customized device as request by each partnership company. 


Tammuz GKM330 realized faster data process speed as Seq. Read speed up to 550MB/s Write speed up to 500MB/s by AS2258 Controller from ASOLID. Also made faster speed & durability, electricity efficiency possible by applied many functions as SLC Caching, ECC, GC, TRIM, Wear-leveling, ONFI etc. Additionally, set 3D NAND Flash and Aluminum housing which is favorable to reduce device's heat issue.


Tammuz International Informed regarding more 'Made in Korea SSD Device' such as NVMe SSD, mSATA SSD not only 2.5" SSD 'GK 300' / M.2 SSD ‘GKM 330’. Eventually, make aggressive targeting to Indonesia, Singapore market.


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